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Another Celebration, A Way To Gain Some Strength

Another May, another day, 14 years has been away. Here we are, PT Equilab International grow bigger and stronger. To be grateful for accomplishing another milestone together, we arranged a celebration for Equilab's 14th anniversary. The celebration is one of our way to tighten the bond that we have. From the start, teamwork is always our endowed gift.

It was a challenging journey since the beginning, but together we can overcome any obstacle that head off. Not only face working time, we also jubilate in many occasion, especially in our anniversary. We shared thoughts and knowledge in this year celebration. The knowledge sharing is about “Basic Life Support” and “Communication for Neuro-linguistic Programming”. In the sharing session, we also reminded about the work ethics, that should be applied, which are professional, mature, positive, and objective. Not to forget that we were having fun together in every occasion.

Equilab continue to expand the business area abroad. We starts from the neighbour country around South East Asia. Aside from expanding the business, we also does an office expansion by doing some renovation to the facility. The building is renovated to improve our services.

Every now and then, we're ready to serve you better.