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BPOM Visit To Equilab’s Renovated Facility

The National Agency of Drug and Food Control of Republic Indonesia (BPOM RI) was visiting PT Equilab International office in Jl. RS Fatmawati Persil 33 Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan at Monday, April 9th, 2018. The visitation was done to take a look at the new renovated facility at Equilab.

The BPOM RI visitation was led by Director of Standardization of Drug & Narcotic, Psychotropic, and any Addictive Drugs (NAPZA), Mrs. Dra. Ratna Irawati, Apt., M.Kes. that was welcomed by Mr. Wimala Widjaja as Director of PT Equilab International and Mrs. Dra. Effi Setiawati, Apt., M.Biomed. as General Manager, as well as managers and staffs of PT Equilab International.

In his speech, Mr. Wimala express his appreciation to BPOM that has important role in Equilab’s growth for almost 15 years. BPOM has nurture Equilab’s activity as Bioavailability/Bioequivalence (BA/BE) Laboratory. “BPOM has periodically doing audit, given input for our improvement, also listening to our  continuous aspiration without getting bored.” said Mr. Wimala.

He also explained that this renovation is a manifestation for Equilab’s commitment as a leading laboratory that upholds independency, integrity, and compliance to international regulation. Up until now, Equilab’s BA/BE result has been recognized by many parties, including regional and international.

“This abroad recognition is one of our admirations as an Indonesian civilization that could come forward as a global player and could comply with international requirements. It is also a conclusive evidence of Equilab’s independency as trusted BA/BE laboratory.” as explained by Mr. Wimala.

It is also admitted by Mr. Wimala, along with the coverage expansion of National Health Insurance (JKN), the demands of high quality drugs will increasing exponentially. It is interesting to note that make partnership with BPOM, as a regulator that set the standard of the quality for BA/BE laboratory, being more important than before.

“Equilab will support BPOM if someday there will be a policy to establish accreditation of independence BA/BE laboratory.” said Mr. Wimala.

In this occasion, Mrs. Effi also give some explanation about Equilab’s milestone since the beginning of Equilab standpoint in 2003 up until the current renovated condition. To get into this position, it needs hard work, commitment, also teamwork and collaboration. Just like collaboration that has been built between Equilab and BPOM that have been made Equilab as a trusted laboratory of BA/BE Study and Clinical Trial.

Meanwhile, Director of Standardization of Drug & NAPZA BPOM RI, Mrs Ratna highly appreciates the evolution of Equilab. “It is ineffable to have BA/BE laboratory that has been recognized internationally. We really appreciate Equilab’s improvements.”

For this appreciation, Mrs Ratna leave a message for Equilab to keep the trust and integrity high up for the trust and recognition which has been got. The recognition from the international is inline with the success to develop human resources that ready to compete in ASEAN. “It is not easy to find the capable resource in bioanalytical field,” said Mrs Ratna.

Last but not least, another appreciation from Mrs Ratna for Equilab new facility, “wish can be a role model for another laboratory.” closed Mrs Ratna in her speech.

In this occassion, all guests from BPOM have an opportunity to do facility tour to look new face of Equilab.