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20 Years of Equilab International, Continuous Commitment to Increase Clinical Trial Capabilities

With 20 years of experience in Drug Testing Services, Equilab has been consistently providing the best services for global Clinical Trial. Equilab is also listed as the Top 10 Clinical Research Organization in Asia Pacific by Pharmatech Outlook magazine.

In order to improve clinical trial capability in Indonesia, on 23rd June 2023, Equilab International held a GCP and Clinical Trial Methodology Training that was attended by over 100 participants. The training was intended to increase clinical trial capabilities for all stakeholders and bring Indonesian clinical trials to the next level.

The speakers for the training were Dra. Christine Siagian, S. Si, Apt., M.Sc – Drugs Registration Director of BPOM RI, Mrs. Atti Ratnawati – BPOM RI, and Prof. Dra. Arini Setiawati, PhD – Professor of Medicine Faculty at University of Indonesia. The participants were excited to learn, shared their insights and also actively joined the Q&A session.


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