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Webinar NPRA-Regulatory Update On Bioequivalence

Equilab International as a NPRA certified Bioequivalence Center realized that despite of the ongoing pandemic, pharma companies need to continuously update their proficiency in terms of the current regulation and relevant knowledge on bioequivalence study.  We initiated this webinar and held it hand in hand with NPRA Malaysia in order to provide the updated regulation for pharma who register their products in Malaysia.

Watch here for the complete sessions of the webinar "Regulatory Update On Bioequivalence" which was held on 30th March 2021.

Speaker / Topic :

  1. Tan Mui Kiat (Principal Assistant Director of NPRA) / Registration Update

  2. Nicholas Leow Chun Wei (Senior Principal Assistant Director of NPRA) / BE Center Qualification

  3. Yan Tirta Kurniawan (Bioanalytical Manager of Equilab International) / Bioanalytical Guideline Update

Webinar BPOM- WHO Inspection & Regulation Update On BA/BE Study

Equilab International have successfully completed WHO inspection and got acknowledged for performing bioequivalence study in compliance with WHO GCP and WHO GLP. To share our experience of WHO inspection journey, we initiated this entitled webinar : "WHO Inspection & Regulation Update On BA/BE Study".

Watch here for the webinar which was held on 29th July 2021.

Speaker/Topic :

  1. Lucia Rat Handayani (Operations Manager)/ BE Center Perspective on WHO Prequalification

  2. Dr. Dra. L. Rizka Andalucia, M.Pharm., Apt. (Director of Drugs and NAPZA Standardization & Plh. Director of Drugs Registration-BPOM RI)/ Regulatory Updates on Bioequivalence Study

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