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Equilab’s GCP Training 2024

On June 10, 2024, Equilab International hosted a Good Clinical Practice Training in Jakarta, following a seminar held earlier in 3rd June. The event aimed to boost Indonesia’s clinical trial capabilities, particularly in implementing good clinical trials to ensure ethical compliance and standardized clinical trial data quality. Attendees included representatives from the Indonesian Ministry of Health, BPOM (Indonesian FDA), researchers from various hospitals, and the pharmaceutical industry.

This training features a comprehensive session led by renowned speakers. Prof. Dr. Jarir At Thobari, Ph.D – Professor in Pharmacology at Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing, Universitas Gadjah

Mada, Indonesia, provided the training and shared critical insights on the Principle of Ethics, Essence of

GCP, Informed Consent, and the Roles and Responsibilities of Investigators & Sponsors.

The training also featured Dr. Danang – Equilab’s Clinical Research Manager with 20 years of experience, highlighted the importance of Essential Documents, the Role & Responsibilities of Clinical Monitors, and IP Management. In every session, the participants actively shared their learnings and asked about the practical application of GCP based on field conditions.

“Equilab is one of the standardized labs, aligning with the Ministry of Health’s goal to improve drug development in Indonesia. This can enhance the capacity of the regulatory team, and our friends from the industry can gain insights and realize that clinical trials need more attention. We wish Equilab continued success.” Mrs. Wenny – one of the attendees praised.

This event is a significant step towards enhancing Indonesia’s clinical trial team capabilities. Equilab International remains dedicated to supporting clinical trial development in Indonesia. Our commitment to excellence and ethical standards is expected to enhance the overall quality of clinical trials conducted in the country.


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